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GIRLS — if you hit, slap, belittle, kick, punch, choke, throw things at, or control your boyfriends, you are the abuser. You are not a “strong woman”, “empowered”, or anything similar. You are hurting him. Even if his muscles are strong enough to take it, a hit or slap from someone you love is an emotional blow.

Written by a girl who’d never hit a guy.


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me when i found out that mike ‘the situation’ sorrentino from jersey shore is facing ten years in prison for tax evasion


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Ryan Gosling wearing a shirt of a
Macaulay Culkin wearing a shirt of Ryan Gosling wearing a shirt of him.



[inhales] [exhales] [looks out into the sunset] the sweet smell of not being in high school

[remembers that i have no idea what i want to do for my future] [continues to stare out into the sunset] shit

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if someone ever kidnaps me im just going to shit my pants because they either have to wipe my ass or deal with the smell and i want them to have it rough

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if your teenage years are meant for experimenting with relationships i’m fucked

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"gays will push their sexuality onto their children"

funny because that’s exactly what every straight person does.

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